President, CCSD Parents’ Council

Cherry Creek School District Parent Teacher Community Council, Inc

14188 E. Briarwood Ave

Centennial, CO 80111


Dear President,


Our organization is requesting continuation of our subordinate position for tax exempt purposes for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 20XX through June 30, 20XX and any period forward unless otherwise specifically excluded by either parent organization, Cherry Creek School District Parent Teacher Community Council, Inc, known as CCSD Parents’ Council or our organization, (Sample School PTO/PTCO name).


1) As chief principal officer and treasurer of our organization, we are verifying the following:


a.  We are affiliated with your central organization: CCSD Parents’ Council,

b.  We are subject to your general supervision or control,

c.  We are eligible to qualify for exemption under the same paragraph of section 501(c),

d.  We are not a private foundation,

e.  We have the same fiscal year as the Parents’ Council, i.e., July 1 – June 30,

f.  We are an organization that was chartered on (insert PTCO charter date here) and was recognized as a subordinate organization on (insert July 1, 1993 or your charter date here). Charter dates are available at under the Treasurer’s Page

g.  We have attached a detailed description of the purposes and activities of our organization, including the sources of receipts and the nature of expenditures. (Please attach your proposed budget)


2) We acknowledge that we have downloaded and reviewed the PTCO Procedures and Practices Handbook from the Parents’ Council website. (


3) We have attached our most recent bylaws, as amended, or have verified that you are in receipt of our most recent bylaws as adopted by our organization.


4) We verify that our organization’s tax identification number is (insert).




Letter must be signed by both President and Treasurer


President                                                                                                 Treasurer

(Sample School PTO)                                                                           (Sample School PTO)



Shading indicates information should be inserted/customized for your PTO



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