CCSD Translator Services

Communicating with all our Families

CCSD employs 10 Cultural Liaisons that represent the following 8 language groups:
  • Spanish 

  • Amharic 

  • Arabic 

  • Russian 

  • Korean 

  • Chinese 

  • Somali 

  • Vietnamese

Cultural Liaisons do verbal interpretations (at meetings, for phone calls, etc.) as well as written translations of documents during regular school hours.

Interpreter services may be requested by the school for students in ELA or Special Education, for meetings with parents regarding the individual needs of the students (i.e., directly related to the education of the student).

For a meeting/translation that is not for an ELA/SpEd student (School-wide events, flyers, newsletters, etc.) refer to the lists of District Cultural Liaisons and Freelance interpreters & Vendors (link below) and schedule a meeting/translation with them.  A 2-week notice is recommended for interpreter or translation services.

Cultural Liaisons and Freelance interpreters are paid $30/hour.

All translators and interpreters are paid either by timesheets (internally/by district departments or schools) or by invoices (for outside agencies, like PTO, Headstart, etc.).

In case none of the sources above are available we have a list of vendors/agencies that provide interpretation/translation services to us. Their rates vary.

If a verbal interpretation is needed, fill out the online interpreter request form:

If a written translation is needed, please email Anna McInroy at

Note:  Before doing a translation, Anna contacts the respective translator for a quote (how many hours the translation should take).  Quotes vary depending on the language (Arabic, Chinese usually take a little longer).  She then sends quotes to the requesting department/school.  If this quote is approved, translators work on the requested document.  As soon as it is done, it will be sent back to the department/school (often together with the timesheet/invoice).
Documents for translation should be sent in Word format instead of PDF – otherwise the product will not have all of the special graphics, but just plain text.  With some languages, the final translation can only be returned in PDF format; otherwise it will not read correctly because of the software that is used by translators.