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Boost Meeting Attendance


  • Vary the meeting time – you will make yourself available to a variety of attendees

  • Vary the meeting place – some schools have meetings at local restaurants or coffee shops to improve attendance

  • Encourage Attendance as a Responsibility – parents who volunteer as general board members, room/grade parents are required to attend meetings as a responsibility of their position which helps keep an informed volunteer base

  • Make Meetings More Fun-  have student groups perform, have a social period prior to the meetings, or have dynamic speakers

  • Give Prizes – sometimes door prizes will help improve attendance

  • Offer Baby-sitting or Other Services- having a translator available may improve non-English speaking parents to attend meetings

  • Make Meetings Shorter – stick to your timeline so that parents do not feel trapped in long meetings

  • Hold Fewer Meetings- limit meetings and add family activities at the school to support parental involvement

  • Combine meetings with Other School Events- have short meetings during back to school night or open houses when parents will be in the school already

  • Publicize-  give parents an adequate lead time regarding meetings and use various forms of communication to inform parents of meeting dates and time


[Paraphrased from PTO Today]


President's Page

Timeline and Checklist of

Required Actions for Presidents:




  • Review Signatures required on Bank authorizations and update with new board as needed

  • Review year-end Treasurer’s reports/year-end bank balances

  • Set up Financial Review to be done by Review Committee with checklist forwarded to Parents’ Council once completed

  • Review Cash/Credit Card/Check Handling Policy to see if any changes need to be made

  • Review Bylaws to see if any changes need to be made.Review Budget for anticipated revenue and expenses for the next year

  • Review Grant awarding policy for any changes that need to be made.

  • Download Parents’ Council Annual Affiliation Letter from website, update, sign and send to Parents’ Council with a copy of your approved budget for the new year




  • Attend Back to School (August) Leadership Workshop

  • Treasurers should attend at least one Treasurer’s workshop

  • Treasurer should register for the Tax Return (990-EZ Tax Filings) workshop

  • Tax return is to be completed and mailed no later than November 15

  • Remind Treasurer to send a copy to Parents’ Council

  • Annual Report (due to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office for Charitable Organizations) should be filed by Treasurers by November 15th




  • Ask your Treasurer if they need any help completing the annual zero Sales tax return

  • Let your Fundraising Committee and booster clubs know about the Vendor Fair Attend Vendor Fair - for great fundraising ideas.




  • Provide Parents’ Council with your school's generic PTCO email addresses

  • Send a list of your new Executive Board names, phone numbers and email addresses to Parents' Council for the next year

  • Attend the Spring Leadership Workshop

  • Sign up the new treasurers on your board for the Spring Treasurer’s Workshop at SARC

  • Assist treasurer with developing next year’s proposed budget

  • Approve budget for the next school year