Treasurer's Resources

Parents' Council serves as the parent organization for all PTOs in the Cherry Creek School District. As we hold 501(c)3 status for our subordinate non-profits, there are many requirements for all PTOs.
In an effort to ease the process that each PTO must follow to maintain their non-profit status, Parents' Council has put together The PTCO Procedures and Practices Handbook.
Each President and Treasurer is responsible for the content of these practices.


Treasurers' Timeline and Checklist of Required Actions
Useful Treasurer Resources
Parents' Council's IRS Tax Exempt - 501(c)3 Authorization

Useful documents for PTCO Treasurers:


Visit our FAQ page and click on one of the financial categories to find answers to questions related to:
  • Chartering other organizations

  • Financial Records

  • Money Matters

  • Licenses and Taxes

  • Vendors and 1099

  • Donations and Donation Acknowledgments

  • Money In - Fundraising Income

  • Money Out – Spending PTO Funds