Video of February 2015 Parents' Council Meeting: Ask the Administrator


During this meeting Dr. Bull was asked a variety of questions by parents.  Dr. Bull covered topics regarding: high school start times, snow day decisions, CMAS/PARCC testing, school finance, plans for building new schools and others.


List of Questions with Time Stamps Below:


1)  School Funding and School Start times: Q: 00:40  A: 1:03


2)  Grandview/Cherokee Trail Zoning and New School Builds:  Q: 10:16, A:11:10


3)  Challenge School on the south side of the District, Q: 14:30, A: 14:39


4)  Within Answer about CMAS/PARCC - Snow Days - A: 18:21


5)  Is CMAS/PARCC used to help determine student class enrollment and/or Will teachers hold student's refusals against them, Q:  24:47,  A: 25:08


6)  CMAS/PARCC impact on Teachers' evaluations, Q: 26:50, A: 27:12


7)  Common Core Standards and the impact on Special Education students and/or other student populations, Q: 30:22, A: 30:38


8)  Method of Change to Common Core standards (inaudible) Q: 33:50 Follow-up issue: Are students' being penalized if they are not able to learn the new math methods/teaching, Follow-up: Mountain  Vista Bridges math program, Q: 33:45 - Answer to topic- 36:44


9)  From a PASS perspective, given the acheivement gaps currently the fact that different student learning levels in each class how do we address equity in these new acheivement tests, Q: 40:25, A: 42:17


10)  The new math program is too challegning and time consuming for students and Teacher classroom planning, Q:46:03, A: 47:00


11)  Comment: 4 Evening Parent Course, a district parent education program about the new math C:53:33


12)  Staff Introductions - who to contact about grade level specific concerns C: 54:13


13)  Comment- Concern about abandonning Colorado state standards, C: 54:30


14)  Teachers/Educators have been forced to re-tool without much input.  How can we reunify teachers, parents, administrators and law makers  Q: 56:07,  A: 57:42


15) What is CCSD doing with the Marijuana money from the state? Q: 1:02:09, A: 1:02:59


16)  Lowering the high school graduation standards, Q: 1:04:44,  A: 1:04:50


17)  School Calendar Changes for next year, Q:1:08:57  A: 1:08:05


18)  End Fall Break?, Q: 1:10:26, A: 1:10:33


19)  Calendar Changes/Impact on Transitional Schedule, Q: 1:10:57,  A:1:11:46


20)  School Funding Cliff and Mental Health Issues, Q:1:13:57,  A: 1:19:25


21)  How does CCSD protect students from outside distractions and How can parents help with that effort, Q: 1:17:37,  A:1:19:25


Other Helpful Links regarding CMAS/PARCC testing: