Helpful IRS Links for Filing 2020 Taxes

Click HERE for "Tax Filing Reminders" Quick Reference Sheet

Oct. 2019 Tax Workshop

A huge THANK YOU to Watson Coon Ryan, LLC for presenting at our Tax Workshop!

 "Please note that this presentation was originally facilitated in fall 2019 and is based on completing the 2018 990-EZ form.  Dates and 990 form versions may have changed.  Please refer to the helpful links above or consult a tax professional for specific guidance regarding the 2019 tax year return due on 11/15/2020." 

Tax Workshop Presentation

Watson Coon Ryan provided a step-by-step presentation on how to file a 990 EZ form for PTCOs.  Also, don't forget to complete your renewal on the Colorado Website  (see the last page of the presentation).