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Email Lists and Parent Directories 


CCSD provides two Powerschool exports with parent and student information to PTO’s. The PTO Master Export comes in four spreadsheets and provides all parent names, contact information, student names, grade, teacher, graduation year, etc. It includes the parent permissions for PTO Communications and Directory. The Student Directory Export compiles all parents into one spreadsheet with necessary contact and student information.


Below are the specific exports that need to be requested. The exports can be found under the “Export Using template.” From the start page, the front office manager should select your group of students, click on the arrow at the bottom right, and then the exports should be in the list.


PTO Exports:

* DIST - PTO Master Export Hshld 1/Guard 1 - 1819

* DIST - PTO Master Export Hshld 1/Guard 2 - 1819

* DIST - PTO Master Export Hshld 2/Guard 1 - 1819

* DIST - PTO Master Export Hshld 2/Guard 2 - 1819

* DIST - Student Directory Export


To access this information, please contact your school’s front office manager. If you need additional help, contact

Other resources:

PTO Manager Quick Start Guide

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