• Cherry Creek Parents' Council

Executive Board Positions & Remote/Homeschool Families Within The District

Hello PTCO/PTO Members!

The following email was sent to all Principals, Vice Principals, & Administrators in the Cherry Creek School District this afternoon.  It contains the update to questions of board positions for families who are currently in the district but utilizing the remote/homeschool options:

Parents’ Council has been working hard with every PTCO/PTO in the district to ensure they are following appropriate guidelines set by the State as well as Cherry Creek School District. Initially we were allowing PTCO/PTO boards to include both REMOTE and Homeschool families to be on their respective boards, however this direction is not working toward our schools’ best interests.

Effective as of 11/1/20, these are the Parents' Council’s new guidelines on PTCO/PTO Executive Board Positions:

If you have chosen Online learning/homeschooling IN the Cherry Creek School District, such as Options or Elevations, you ARE able to hold a board position, with the exceptions of: President, Treasurer, or any board position that is an authorized signatory for your PTCO/PTO bank account. If an in-district remote/homeschool parent/guardian would like to hold any other board position, your current Executive Board and School Principal must be in agreement. All new or revised PTCO/PTO slates must be communicated to your school community for the required time period as dictated by your bylaws with a clear explanation of in-person or remote/homeschool status for all Executive Board positions.

Please feel free to contact PARENTS’ COUNCIL if you have any questions at or call Michelle Austin at (303) 981-9586

Thank you,

Michelle Austin

Parents’ Council President