• Cherry Creek Parents' Council

PTO & PTCO 2020-2021 Parents' Council Updates

Good afternoon Cherry Creek Schools PTOs and PTCOs! We have some updates for you regarding PTO/PTCO board memberships in regard to remote learning, bylaws, email addresses, and dues.   PTCO/PTO BOARD INFORMATION: Here are the guidelines for holding a Board position within your PTCO/PTO:

  • If you have chosen Online learning/homeschooling IN the Cherry Creek School District, you ARE able to hold a board position as long as your current board and principal are in agreement. This will also need to be communicated schoolwide.

  • If you have chosen Online learning/homeschooling OUT of the Cherry Creek School District, you are NOT able to hold a board position. If you were a President or Treasurer this past year, you are required to be removed from your PTCO accounts and will have to return any financials or PTCO documents to your board.

All boards should maintain at minimum a President, Secretary, and Treasurer to operate.  Please contact Michelle Austin if you have any questions regarding filling these positions within your board. BYLAWS: As we've seen during this experience with Covid-19, most of our bylaws did not prepare us for school closures of this length of time!  Please meet with your executive boards to update the changes proposed to your bylaws for a vote (30 days).  Bylaws updates should include:

  • Voting via email or other electronic means (ie, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, or another virtual meeting place).

  • Holding virtual meetings or meetings off of school grounds

  • Require to electronically distribute your budget, bylaws, agendas via email/social media/newsletters.

Once your bylaws have been approved and voted, please submit to EMAIL ADDRESSES: You MUST create and submit generic email addresses for your executive board members that can be passed to each new member at the start of each new year.  For example:  

Each member of your Executive Board should have their own generic email address showing your position and school.  Please submit these new/existing email addresses to Parent’s Council at by SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 so that we may update our directory.   DUES & DOCUMENTATION: Please be on the lookout for a Bright ORANGE letter from Parents Council in the next few weeks. Every year you are asked to submit your taxes, affiliation letter, bylaws, dues, etc. Please work with your board to turn in your documents at the appropriate deadlines.  We ask every PTCO/PTO for $65. Please adjust your school budget accordingly. We are still collecting dues from the 2019-20 School year. You will be notified by our Documentation group if you haven't paid. Please submit your payment as soon as you are able. UPDATES: We are currently working with the Cherry Creek School District to finalize fundraising and school wide guidelines for events for our schools. Be on the lookout for another communication out to you soon! Fall training will be available remotely in the near future so please stay tuned! SAVE THE DATE: Please mark your calendars for the First Virtual Parents Council Meeting on Wednesday, September 9th from 9:30am-11:00am. You will get an update from Dr Seigfriend on how the first few weeks of our school year looked and as well as district updates and more! If you have questions regarding your documents or this email please refer to our website at or Michelle Austin @