• Cherry Creek Parents' Council

YES on 4A & 4B: A Letter From the Cherry Creek Board of Education to PTCO's/PTO's

Dear PTCOs:

Thank you very much for your support of the district’s 4A & 4B (Budget and Bond) campaign.  We are fortunate to have representation from every school on the Citizens for Cherry Creek Schools committee.  PTCOs have already contributed in many ways, including donating to the campaign and arranging for time for Board of Ed speakers at your meetings.

We know that PTCO volunteers are trusted and approachable leaders in their communities.  We also know that as a campaign, we were unable to participate in virtual Back to School Night meetings. So, at the Parents’ Council meeting on 9/9 we made the following requests for PTCOs to help us continue to promote the 4A & 4B campaign.

First, we would love it if each PTCO would craft a written “endorsement” of the issues.  This can be as simple as “Antelope Ridge PTCO has officially endorsed the district’s Ballot measures 4A and 4B. Issue 4A supports our excellent teachers and skilled nurses and mental health workers in every school.  Measure 4B, permission to issue bonds, will cover capital costs including safety and technology infrastructure, Innovation dollars for every high school and an expansion at CCIC, a new stand-alone day treatment mental health facility, maintenance projects on school buildings, and more. We encourage our neighbors, fellow parents, and all community members to VOTE YES on 4A & 4B.”  Of course, you may wish to include other selling points such as strong property values, continuation of the district’s legacy of excellence, and our commitment to serving each and every student.  Please refer to the campaign website for other ideas and benefits that apply to your school at:  Several PTCOs are including or sharing a link to the campaign hype video (is your principal or neighbor featured on the video?).

Using whatever means that you typically use to communicate with your parents and volunteers (e-newletters, PTCO Facebook page, Twitter, etc), send this official endorsement and messaging.  Our logo is attached in case it’s possible to include it.  This message will be important for the next 4 weeks or so, until ballots arrive the week of October 12. 

Second, as we’ve done in former election cycles, we would like for PTCOs to make a donation to support the campaign. Checks may be made to Citizens for Cherry Creek Schools and mailed to Bill Fisher, 10000 East Crestline Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Or, there is an electronic Donate button on the website. For the 2016 campaign, the average donation from PTCOs was $500, but there was a wide range from $100 to $1,000. Every donation will help.

Third, please consider hosting a school-wide Election Q and A with a board member. We’ve attended PTCO meetings at many of your schools, but we know we need to reach more parents. If you can partner with your Accountability and PASS committees, even better. Just let us know the date and time of your meeting and send us a link, and we’ll provide the Board of Ed member. Suggested language to use when promoting your 4A & 4B Q and A session: Cherry Creek School Board member, [Karen Fisher – insert name if possible], will be joining us to talk about the importance of voting YES on 4A & 4B on November 3rd.  Take a look at this great YouTube video that was created for the campaign kick-off: Find more information about the measures here: Please join us on [ date and time, link to virtual meeting].

Thank you for your leadership and support of this critical election and, as always, for your support of our 55,000 students and nearly 9,000 teachers, nurses, and staff members.

Kelly Bates, Vice President, Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education

Karen Fisher, President, Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education

Citizens for Cherry Creek Schools