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All Presidents should be familiar with the content of the PTCO Handbook, which contains helpful information on how to run your PTCO.

Timeline and Checklist of Required Actions for Presidents:


  • Review Signatures required on Bank authorizations and update with new board as needed

  • Review year-end Treasurer’s reports/year-end bank balances

  • Set up Financial Review to be done by Review Committee with checklist forwarded to Parents’ Council once completed

  • Review Cash/Credit Card/Check Handling Policy to see if any changes need to be made

  • Review Bylaws to see if any changes need to be made.Review Budget for anticipated revenue and expenses for the next year

  • Review Grant awarding policy for any changes that need to be made.

  • Download Parents’ Council Annual Affiliation Letter from website, update, sign and send to Parents’ Council with a copy of your approved budget for the new year




  • Review Parents' Council Important Deadlines

  • Attend Back to School (August) Leadership Workshop (bring any board members!)

  • Treasurers should attend Treasurer’s/ Tax workshop (Presidents are invited as well)

  • Tax return is to be completed and mailed no later than November 15 (remind Treasurer to send a copy to Parents’ Council)

  • Annual Report (due to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office for Charitable Organizations) should be filed by Treasurers by November 15th


  • Ask your Treasurer if they need any help completing the annual zero sales tax return



  • Provide Parents’ Council with your school's generic PTCO email addresses

  • Send a list of your new Executive Board names, phone numbers and email addresses to Parents' Council for the next year

  • Attend the Spring Leadership Workshop (if you did not attend the Fall workshop)

  • Sign up new treasurers on your board for the Spring Treasurer’s Workshop

  • Assist treasurer with developing next year’s proposed budget

  • Approve budget for the next school year

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