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Parents' Council serves as the parent organization for all PTCOs in the Cherry Creek School District. Parents’ Council holds 501(c)3 status for our subordinate non-profits, and these subordinate organizations (PTCOs) need to adhere to the requirements laid out in this resource section. 

All Treasurers should be familiar with the content of the PTCO Handbook, which contains helpful information on how to run your PTCO.

Timeline and Checklist of Required Actions for Treasurers:


  • Request from district an accounting/refund of any unused PTO funds

  • Review signatures required on the Bank authorization forms & update as needed

  • Review year end Treasurer's Report & Bank balances

  • Assist with the Financial Review to be done by Review Committee with checklist forwarded to Parent's Council

  • Review Cash/Credit Card/Check Handling Policy

  • Review Bylaws

  • Review Budget:  Don't forget to budget for Insurance!

  • Review Grant Awarding Policy

  • Treasurer and President must sign the Parent's Council Annual Affiliation Letter and forward to Parents' Council with your approved budget

  • You can start working on your previous fiscal year taxes on July 1!  


  • Review Parents' Council Important Deadlines

  • Send Check for $65 for Parent's Council dues 

  • Attend Tax Return Workshop 

  • Complete the Federal 990 EZ or 990 N tax returns and mail them before 11/15, have proof of mailing and email a copy to Parent's Council

  • Renew the Colorado Charitable Organization Registration & file the online annual report with the Secretary of State by 11/15


  • Complete the annual Sales Tax Return due to the Colorado Dept. of Revenue by 1/20

  • Prepare 1099s for any independent contractors the PTCO has paid $600 or more in the past calendar year, due 1/31


  • Community nominates and votes on incoming board

  • Verify that the President has provided Parent's Council with your new Executive Board contact list

  • Sign up incoming or new board members for Spring Training Workshop

Other Helpful Information

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