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2023-2024 Handbook

All board members should be familiar with the content of the PTO/PTCO Handbook, which contains helpful information on how to run your PTO/PTCO.

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Connect directly with other PTCO/PTO board members.

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Check the status of all your required board documents.

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Search our growing list of vendors covering products/services.

Required Documents

The following is a list of all documents that must be submitted to Parents' Council on an annual basis. Documents can be submitted as early as July 1st and are due by the following due dates. Samples are provided here, but there are only samples and you should modify based on your needs, bylaws, and financial policies. Please use this checklist to help your group stay up to date with your documents and to know where to submit your documents Documents Checklist. You can submit your dues payment online through CheddarUp for a $2.87 fee Dues Payment.  If items are not submitted by the due date, it may result in the inability for a PTO/PTCO to fundraise/be active until the documents have been completed.  

2022-2023 Required Documents

Finance, Legal, Insurance & Taxes

Parents' Council serves as the parent organization for all PTCOs in the Cherry Creek School District. Parents’ Council holds 501(c)3 status for our subordinate non-profits, and these subordinate organizations (PTCOs) need to adhere to the requirements laid out in this resource section.  If you need a password to view a document, please contact from your PTO/PTCO email account.

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Translator Services: Cultural liaisons do verbal interpretations (at meetings, for phone calls, etc.) as well as written translations of documents during regular school hours.




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Parents' Council Liaisons

Each member of the Parents' Council Executive Board has a list of schools that we work directly with. Please find your school, the PC Liaison, and their contact information on the list.